Macallan Reflexion

Single Malt WhiskyMacallan Distillery
Macallan Distillery
Mash Bill:
100% malted barley
Sherry-seasoned petite hogshead oak
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From The Macallan’s Decanter Series, The Macallan Reflexion is an art-piece worthy of a museum display. Its attractive orange hue, from small hogshead first-fill casks, anticipates a glorious set of aromas and a muscular palate. 


A very intricate nose featuring a mature character. Dried bitter orange peels combined with dried fruit aromas: dates, and white raisins, mingling with an impenetrable core of toffee, caramel, and unsweetened cacao powder with a spicy, toasted oak background.


Full-bodied and luscious, The Macallan Reflexion has a deep, coating mouthfeel reminiscent of dried fruits, caramel, roasted nuts, and oak spices. 


The two-minute finish is nicely balanced with dried fruits, roasted nuts, and toasted oak spices over a burnt caramel aftertaste, all nicely layered and complemented by the malts richness.

Sip or skip?

Like all the expressions in the Decanter Series, this larger-than-life malt is rich and concentrated, precisely what you’d expect from a spirit aged in first-use casks. The brown aromas and flavors redolent of toffee, caramel, nuts, and spices make this one a winter specialty. Perhaps not the best expression for the inexperienced, The Macallan Reflexion’s mature character is superbly complex.

Other Macallan expressions to try

For a similar richness and depth of flavor, you could try find The Macallan Oscuro, a Travel retail special edition, also bottled in a decanter. The Oscuro shares flavors with The Macallan Reflexion thanks to the extensive use of Oloroso Sherry casks. Caramel, chocolate, and dried fruits are strong in this one. 

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