Macallan Edition 4

Single Malt WhiskyMacallan Distillery
Macallan Distillery
$200- $500
Mash Bill:
100% Malted Barley
Sherry-Seasoned Oak Casks
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With no age statement, the fourth label in The Macallan’s Edition Series, the No. 4 is a celebration of The Macallan’s innovative spirit. It commemorates the inauguration of their new Speyside distillery. The youthful malt is aged in American and European used casks and costing $100 on average; it’s good value despite the lack of age statement. 


The Macallan Special Edition No. 4 offers layered aromas of orange blossoms, candied lemons, and a wide array of brown spices: mace, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla, which extend to the finish. Oak is present but supporting, showing its sweet side.


The palate is dominated by spices, clove, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and hints of black pepper, all over a citrus-oriented, medium-bodied malt core, all beautifully balanced — complex and coating but not overwhelming.


A sweet oak aftertaste reminiscent of oak shavings and Sherry spices permeate the long finish leaving a sweet aftertaste reminiscent of fruit cake and gingerbread cookies.

Sip or skip?

The Macallan Special Edition No. 4 is massive in spices, but it’s also balanced by a youthful, citrus-scented malt. For many enthusiasts, this is the best expression of the series and offers a spicier side that is not common in The Macallan’s style. There’s a fair use of oak to add complexity to a relatively young malt. With a medium depth and a medium complexity, the No.4 is a pretty good value, ideal for enjoying on cooler nights by the fire. 

Other Macallan expressions to try

Since all Special Editions are unique, it’s not easy to find an expression matching No. 4 with precision. Yet, The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old is closely related. Spicy and deeply infused with wood aromas, if you like No.4, you’ll love this one, a bit more mature but equally charming for those who enjoy a well-defined oak profile.


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