Macallan Edition 1

Single Malt WhiskyMacallan Distillery
Macallan Distillery
Mash Bill:
100% Malted Barley
Sherry-Seasoned Oak Casks
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The Macallan’s Master Whisky Maker Bog Dalgarno personally selected eight distinct European and American oak casks to mature the first release of the distillery’s annual limited edition series. No.1 is all about what oak brings to the table in terms of color, aroma, flavor, and texture. The Macallan’s masterful cask selection is one of the brand’s marks of distinction, and they bring it forward with this beautiful malt released in 2015 without an age statement. 


The Macallan Edition No.1 opens with a sweet nose of dried fruits, dates, and raisins, followed by an intense bouquet of warm spices, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla with hints of caramel and toffee.


The palate has an incredible depth of layered concentration featuring a warming core of dates, dark chocolate, toffee, and roasted nuts with baking spices in the mid-palate. It's reminiscent of pumpkin spice powder with an added depth of flavor reminiscent of medium-charred oak for a sensual experience hard to forget.


Lingering long in the back-palate, The Macallan Edition No.1 offers a round aftertaste dominated by dried fruits and brown oak spices. 

Sip or skip?

The Macallan Edition No.1 is all about oak, with a masterful blend that brings out the best of the hand-picked barrel selection. The malt flavors are muted, but the expression is still heartwarming and pleasing. Despite not carrying an age statement, No. 1 is less about aging and more about the distillery’s masterful use of diverse oak casks.

Other Macallan expressions to try

The Macallan Select Oak, from the 1824 Collection, is a combination of five casks and features a flavor profile not dissimilar to the Macallan Edition No.1. Expect vanilla, cinnamon, and an oak-dominated palate with a butterscotch aftertaste.

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