Macallan 36

Single Malt WhiskyMacallan Distillery
Macallan Distillery
36 Years Old
Mash Bill:
100% Malted Barley
Ex-Bourbon Casks, Finished in Marsanne & Roussanne Casks
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The Macallan drifts away from its usual Sherry cask signature profile to offer a gentler, brighter malt brimming with citrus oil and warm spices. A very noble dram indeed, with a soft character but precise and well-defined flavors and aromas. This is a mature malt that hasn’t lost its youthful vitality — it has taken it to new pleasurable heights. 


A field of white flowers and tropical lemons and oranges make the first nose an authentic gift for your senses; honeyed white peaches and ripe pears follow, escorted by a cloud of gentle spices: cinnamon, vanilla bean, and saffron. A delightful caramel undertone holds it all together.


Not at all heavy, but coating. A welter-weight dram with generous white fruit, citrus, honey, and brown spices in the mid-palate. An underlying caramel and burnt cinnamon flavor dominates the back palate for a larger-than-life experience in every sip.


Orange and Sicilian lemon oil command the finish over a heartwarming brown sugar and molasses aftertaste with hints of vanilla and the slightest oxidative notes.

Sip or skip?

Part of a lesser-known Director’s Special Collection, The Macallan 36 Year Old, is liquid gold, pure joy to enjoy for many years. Not a typical Macallan, don’t expect the dominating Sherry cask spices; instead, a clean Speyside malt and an almost buttery mouthfeel. Ideal if you want to taste an aged malt that hasn’t been overwhelmed by oak. 

Other Macallan expressions to try

From the Fine and Rare Collection, The Macallan 1988, although ten years younger, bottled in 2011, is the type of malt that sings over the oak influence to reveal citrus fruit and vanilla. Not at all as opulent as The Macallan 36 Year Old, but both are in the same category, a very welcoming one that steals the spotlight from the distillery’s predilection for Sherry casks.

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