Macallan 18 Review

Single Malt WhiskyMacallan Distillery
18 Years
Mash Bill:
100% Barley
Sherry Cask
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Macallan 18 is a complex single malt that excites the palate with big dried fruit and berry notes accompanied by warm ginger and clove.  Matured 18 years in a sherry cask, you get a creamy texture, and nutty, raisiny flavor. Macallan 18 's age and opulence is reflected in it's $300+ price - making it a pure indulgence.


Bright, fruity notes of berry and raisin show up beautifully next to contrasting nutty, dry notes of sherry.  Aerate Macallan 18 and open up warm vanilla and cinnamon notes.  The nose on this expression is as elegant and complex as you'd expect with an 18-year age statement.


Begin your Macallan 18 taste journey with big oak and sherry.  As the medium-bodied expression sits on your tongue, enjoy the warm clove and ginger spice perfectly complimenting newly uncovered orange and vanilla.  This expression is round, rich, and ravishing - a great choice for both an enthusiast and a beginner.


Macallan 18 lingers wonderfully, leaving you with raisin, citrus, spice, and the longing for another sip.

Sip or skip?

Eighteen years were put to good use with this graceful and sophisticated tipple.  We love Macallan because they consistently find the balance between approachable and flavorful - uniting both whisky aficionados and those just getting into scotch.  Macallan 18 is a treat.  At it's price range ($315 on average), this expression is something to be savored.

Other Macallan expressions to try

If you love sherry cask aged whiskies, enjoy a velvety smooth texture, but are looking for something a bit more price conscious, we recommend you try the Macallan 12.  You will lose some of the deep sherry and oak notes, as the expression will have spent less time in it's cask, but the warm spice, orange zest, and dried fruit show up delicately.

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