Johnnie Walker Swing

Blended ScotchJohnnie Walker Distillery
Johnnie Walker
$50- $100
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Inspired by the original blends conceived by Sir Alexander Walker II in the 30s, this bottle stands out for its uniquely shaped ‘rocking’ decanter, developed to prevent accidents while at sea. This is a blend of over 35 expressions, mainly from Speyside and the Highlands contrasted by smoky Islay malts. Crafted in an old-school style, there’s more sweetness in Sing than modern Walker’s expressions, but there’s freshness and spice to counter it in the very definition of balance. A coveted collector’s item, Swing certainly has an old soul.


Malty sweetness complemented by cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and clove surrounded by a cloud of peaty smoke that just kisses the nose without overwhelming it. Reminiscent of old Sherry, this classic nose has an Old World charm reminiscent of better times past. 


The malty sweetness dominates the palate and guides you through a palette of flavors, from figs and flowers to hints of oxidation. The Sherry casks left an imprint here, with spice box aromas over a lush but never heavy palate. 


The back-palate is inevitably charmed by the malt’s sweetness, but it’s the warm spices that hold on long into the final moments. Without a doubt, a smooth, long, nuanced finish.

Sip or skip?

Mostly available on travel retail, Swing is more than whiskey; it’s a postcard of past traditions. Crafted with an old recipe, Johnnie Walker achieves to capture a style not seen often today. One dominated by malty sweetness and long cask aging. Speyside’s honeyed unctuousness is balanced out with just a splay of peaty Islay malts; all brought together by the oak. A glorious expression indeed. 

Other Johnnie Walker expressions to try

For a similar expression, you must visit John Walker and Sons collection, where the blends are more evenhanded and deeper. John Walker & Sons XR 21, developed to commemorate Alexander Walker II shares similarities with Swing, but its flavors are cleaner, and the palate is dryer. 

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