Johnnie Walker Platinum

Blended ScotchJohnnie Walker Distillery
Johnnie Walker
$100 -$200
18 Years
Mash Bill:
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From Johnnie Walker’s Colour Collection, the 18-Year-Old Platinum is sophisticated and contemporary. It has the richness that characterizes Walker’s high-end spectrum but remains elegant and fresh thanks to a thick citrus core. The story behind the Platinum goes back to the distillery’s private blends they used to put together for VIPs. A few years ago, this bottle shed its Platinum label and was renamed Johnnie Walker 18-Year-Old. 


Intensely fragrant, Johnnie Walker Platinum opens with a thick citrus core of lemons, tangerines and oranges, closely followed by the warmest vanilla flavors complemented by almond paste with hints of sweet smoke.


The palate could easily overpower if it weren’t for the tight citrus backbone that gives freshness to the vanilla paste flavors, marzipan and hickory smoke running through the back-palate along the background of roasted malt. 


The finish is all about roasted malts, almonds and smoke, with the sweet citrus notes catching up seconds later. A very long aftertaste invites you to take another sip, in a remarkable expression that screams elegance.  

Sip or skip?

You might be surprised, but for an 18-Year-Old expression, the Platinum is not dominated by spices or oak, but by a mature fruit core ornamented with vanilla and brown spices. This is a contemporary malt that you can enjoy whether you’re into young expressions or well-aged whiskeys. 

Other Johnnie Walker expressions to try

Johnnie Walker’s Platinum 18-Year-Old gives the Blue Label a run for its money. Much more elegant and fresher, but with similar richness, this could easily be the Colours Collection’s top expression. Trying the Platinum and the Blue label side by side is an expensive proposition, but they’re in the same ballpark, that’s for sure.

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