Johnnie Walker King George V

Blended ScotchJohnnie Walker Distillery
Johnnie Walker
$200- $500
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An expression fit for kings; The John Walker King George V celebrates the British Royal Household’s Royal Warrant granted to the distillery in 1934. The complex blend includes prestigious single malts, including Cardhu, Lochnagar and Port Ellen. A pretty rare and exclusive blend to crown any whiskey collection. It’s not only the rarity; there’s serious flavor and a warm aromatic array here. There’s no doubt George V is one of the most refined expressions ever made at Johnnie Walker. 


Dried apricots, honeyed apples and sultanas come with the first nose, complemented by a wall of warm aromas reminiscent of caramel, vanilla custard, buttery richness and sweet smoke. Many great single malts came together to show their best in a very complex nose that keeps evolving for hours in the glass.


Expect a towering palate of decadent lusciousness and silken creaminess, lots of dried white fruit, caramel, raw honey and molasses infused with brown spices and delicate vanilla. The expanding palate unfolds with a few drops of chilled water.


George V not only has a lengthy palate, it has an infinite length that not only persists but evolves with alternating fruit, spice and smoke flavors in the back-palate. Warm and comforting with a truly regal feel. 

Sip or skip?

Johnny Walker is increasingly known for its mass-market, commercial expressions designed to swoon inexperienced whiskey tasters, although never sacrificing quality. Still, when they put their hearts into it, they show why they’re among the most successful distilleries in Scotland. The King George V is a masterpiece; no one blends Scotch like the Walkers, and the liquid gold inside this bottle is proof of it.

Other Johnnie Walker expressions to try

The John Walker, another Exclusive blend in Johnnie Walker’s catalog, is considered being on par with George V, despite having a more youthful spirit and perhaps a less complicated palate. Both blends, though, are a bliss to enjoy and worthy collector’s items. The finest blends in Scotland by the most experienced master blenders in the field.

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