Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Blended ScotchJohnnie Walker Distillery
Johnnie Walker Distillery
$50- $100
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Initially created to commemorate the distillery’s 200 anniversary, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve has become a significant piece in the distillery’s ‘Colour Series.’ This is a blend of Speyside and Highland whiskies showing fruit rather than peat smoke, and a superb cask selection rounds the malt for a buttery creaminess. The Gold Label is hard not to love. 


Mango parfait, crème brûlée, and vanilla custard with faint hints of brown spices. A real charmer with moreish golden aromas designed to give immediate pleasure from the first nose. 


The Gold Label is creamy and silky, with alcoholic warmth and a polished roundness. The flavors are creamy and charmingly flavored with vanilla and brown spices over a ripe tropical fruit core. The Speyside malts and their signature richness lead the palate. 


The finish might not be overly lengthy, but it’s comforting and heartwarming. Pretty vanilla, and a coating creaminess are inviting to the point of addiction. 

Sip or skip?

A gentle, smooth malt designed with the single aim of being disarmingly decadent. Layers over layers of warm flavors and aromas really paint a picture for what a golden malt can be. There’s no distracting smoke or spiciness. This is a luscious malt masterfully aged in the right casks — an outstanding job by Master Blender Jim Beveridge.

Other Johnnie Walker expressions to try

The John Walker & Sons Celebratory Blend Limited Edition might be spicier and more oriented towards dried fruit, but it has obvious similarities with Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. If there is such a thing, golden flavors are these malts’ cornerstone and are a bright aspect of Scotch not seen often.

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