Johnnie Walker Blade Runner 'Director's Cut' Limited Edition

Johnnie Walker Distillery
Johnnie Walker Distillery
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Commemorating the release of Blade Runner 2049, Johnnie Walker brings to the market a limited edition. In the film, the dram is shared between Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in a decayed, futuristic Las Vegas suite. The appealing bottle design is enough to hunt this limited edition, but the whisky is equally stunning. Smokier than your average Double Black and bursting with oak vanillin, this blended Scotch might not be remarkably complex, but it is undoubtedly stunning.


Faithful to Johnnie Walker’s Black Label Series, the nose is evocative of a grown-up version of the famous black label. Sophisticated and polished, it’s all about a sweet, honeyed malt, vanilla, and sweet cherry smoke. 


A mellow mouthfeel is the perfect background for intense vanilla flavors over dark maple syrup and a faint orange compote core infused with smoke permeating the mid-palate. 


The smoke flavors fade away gently to bring forward the medium-length, sweet malt, and long-lasting vanilla aftertaste. 

Sip or skip?

This one’s not just a marketing gimmick, the malt is more intensely flavored than your average Black Label, and the vanilla is stressed, causing a welcoming impact. Not multidimensional or overly complicated, the Director’s Cut is quite a stunner. A blockbuster rather than a classic. 

Other Johnnie Walker expressions to try

The Johnnie Walker Blade Runner is in the same spectrum as the smoky Johnnie Walker Double Black, but amped-up. Peaty smoke and charred oak vanilla are the features here supported by a rich, honeyed malt. If you’re an avid black label drinker, both the Double Black and the Blade Runner edition are your cup of tea. 

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Explore unique, exciting spirits & cocktail recipes!