Glenmorangie 10

Single Malt WhiskyGlenmorangie
$25- $50
10 Years
Mash Bill:
100% Malted Barley
First-and-Second-Fill American White Oak Casks
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Better known as Glenmorangie Original, everyone’s favorite orange label is distilled in Scotland’s tallest stills, meaning they capture only the finest vapors to create the distillery’s most famous expression. Highland whiskey at its finest, aged in first and second fill bourbon oak casks for a sweet but not too sweet malt with a fruit-froward and floral personality. This is many connoisseurs’ every-day whiskey, because with so much pleasure, for the price, it’s a steal.


The spirit of summer in a glass, ripe lemons, tangerines and oranges meet ripe white peaches in a cloud of powdered vanilla, all over a smooth layer of acacia honey. Not overly complicated, but complex enough to keep you guessing. Incredibly pleasing on the nose, you never tire of it. 


The medium-bodied palate is quite expansive, dominated by vanilla and supported by the fresh fruit and fluttering hints of flowers. A pleasant alcoholic warmth fills the mouth with such volatile esters in a textbook definition of simple is beautiful.


Citrus oils permeate the back-palate, supported by Bourbon vanilla’s persistent aroma, creating the illusion of lemon custard. Very subtle smoke and spices act as supporting actors in a medium-length aftertaste. 

Sip or skip?

This is the signature Glenmorangie and a great ambassador for the fruity Highland malts. Ten years might be an odd number for aging Scotch, but it’s the secret for this youthful and summery expression. A crowd-pleaser and a best seller for a reason.

Other Glenmorangie expressions to try

Nectar d’Or is the grown-up version of the Glenmorangie original; it carries the vanilla from Bourbon casks, but a Sauternes cask finish heightens its sweetness. Expect a similar freshness, but a more stressed finesse and a more sustained finish.  

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