Glenlivet 21

Single Malt WhiskyGlenlivet Distillery
Glenlivet Distillery
21 Years
Mash Bill:
100% Malted Barley
American Oak & Ex-Sherry Casks
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The Glenlivet 21, a Gold and Double Gold medal winner, is a charmer. A beautiful malt bringing forward oak spices with hints of Sherry throughout a luscious white fruit and honey profile, proper of a curated selection of American and ex-Sherry casks. Very well made, showing concentration and age, but not overpowering oak. A great value right here, and a fantastic ambassador for the distillery’s style. 


Sultanas and dried apricots hit the nose for a honeyed bouquet of depth and complexity. Oak spices and faint white flowers follow, complementing the warm and comforting malt aromas. Incredibly layered and complex with no sharp edges.


With an important concentration from 21 years of aging, the whisky is bold, full-bodied, and coating. Honeyed dried fruit show on the mid-palate, setting the stage for the warm spices, cedar, and roasted nuts that follow. 


Honey, brown spices, and mixed nuts extend long into a very pleasing finish of weight and depth. The rich malt flavors are spruced up by the oak influence and not the other way around, for a very Glenlivet aftertaste.  

Sip or skip?

A wonderful Glenlivet expression and an even better ambassador for the 21-year category. The rich, luscious malt is rounded off by the hand-picked cask selection for an intoxicating feel and an equally decadent aroma. Seamless integration and balance describe this warm dram.

Other Glenlivet expressions to try

You’ll find similar white fruit, honey, and roasted hazelnuts in The Glenlivet’s Distiller’s Reserve, aged in traditional American, and Ex-sherry casks. The travel retail release, like The Glenlivet 21, is all about boldness and balance.   

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