Glenlivet 18

Single Malt WhiskyGlenlivet Distillery
The Glenlivet Distillery
$100- $200
18 Years
Mash Bill:
100% Malted Barley
First and Second Fill American Oak and ex-Sherry casks
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First and second-fill American oak and ex-Sherry oak casks give the famous The Glenlivet 18 Years its impressive elegance and poise. Perhaps the most balanced and better-integrated expression in The Glenlivet Heritage collection, this malt will shine on any occasion. For an average price of $US113, this single malt is a great value.


Mature but not overripe stone fruit, nicely supported by oak spices, cinnamon clove, nutmeg, baking spices, and vanilla. There are hints of grated coconut before giving way to a caramel and toffee second nose unfolding nicely in the glass. 


Beauty in simplicity. Full-bodied but light-footed. An elegant, awe-inspiring malt with the right balance between apricots, nectarines, citrus, and white raisins against light caramel, toffee, and vanilla. All with brown spices in the background.  


A persistent aftertaste as balanced as the palate with fruit, oak spices, and caramel fading gradually only to be renewed with the next sip. A high-browed, sophisticated malt of considerable greatness. 

Sip or skip?

A very well-crafted malt, balanced and harmoniously aged for 18 years, but don’t think for a second this is all oak spices; there’s fruit and toasty oak, spices, and malty richness. Perfect for every occasion, versatile but sophisticated enough to outshine any other malt in the category. 

Other Glenlivet expressions to try

The Glenlivet’s travel retail limited edition labeled as Rare Cask; a triple-cask matured malt released in numbered, small batches might be the only adequately priced whisky in The Glenlivet’s collection to match the 18 Year Old in purity and symmetry. Expect balance fruit, vanilla, and spices. Available since May 2019, this is a rare find but worth it if you enjoy the style.

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